A LIttle About me

Hello, I'm an abstract artist based in Melbourne creating colourful, thought provoking pieces showcasing my love of colour and expression.  I paint from within, from emotions and life experiences giving me a sense of freedom for which I am extremely grateful.

It is my hope that through my art, the viewer will be moved emotionally and connect with the painting finding a sense of peace and joy.

I adore all things colour and its like the colours have their own energy as they conjure themselves onto my canvas.  It is a joy to create! 

I have found that colour is the voiceless, driving force in all of us.  All I do is move out of the way as the colours express themselves. When I see the final piece, then I 'know' what it's meaning is.  My inner voice speaks to me and the colours go where they belong…a bit like spontaneous painting.

My childhood was spent on the South West coast of Victoria, I am a self taught artist with a love of colour, paint and expression. 

Thank you for visiting!